A Goodwill Cruise for Indonesia's Outback

Living in limitations doesn't mean you can't make a difference. We can start the journey of sailing #KebaikanPertama for our brothers and sisters in rural Indonesia together. Every kindness can make a difference for our brothers and sisters who live in limitations.
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Summary of Goodness

No step is too small to start doing good. Every act of kindness gives us the strength to recover from adversity.

We believe that sailing the First Kindness to the hinterland is about collective action. Together with a network of Local Heroes spread across Indonesia, your good deeds arrive for the needy in the hinterland. From sanitation needs, transportation access, health assistance, to economic empowerment.

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Contributor to Building the Outback Awarded by the Government of North Musi Rawas Regency, South Sumatra
CSR Campaign of the Year Awarded by Public Relations Indonesia Award
CSR Program Sub Category Community Based Development Tenun.in GOLD WINNER Awarded by Public Relations Indonesia Award
PR Program Sub Category Marketing PR Hari Raya for Duafa (Orphans, Widows, and Elderly) BRONZE WINNER Awarded by Public Relations Indonesia Award

Your Way to Be a Part of the Good

Donate for Water and Food Emergency
Together with thousands of Insan Bumi Mandiri donors, send kindness to overcome emergency problems in the interior, helping those who are drought to starvation.
Let’s partner to provide goodness in the hinterland; explore potential, empower resources, ignite hope for good change.
A Story of Kindness

Every Good Story Comes Because of Your Kindness

Be part of many other changes by sailing kindness to remote areas of Indonesia

Let's build self-reliant rural communities together by sailing kindness. Providing easy access to basic needs, and empowering the economy by utilizing local wealth.

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